Mira Rojanasakul = work + information + (auto-summary)

Whitney Biennial Workshop

Produced with other Pratt MFA students during a workshop with Rory McGrath (of OK-RM) and Geoff Han. Workshop participants attended the 2012 Whitney Biennial and chose an artist or group of artists to explore. Over the course of 3 days, the book was designed, organized, and printed on Pratt's risograph digital duplicator. Whitney senior designer Francesca Grassi was present at the final critique.

Museum label texts from 3 artists that incorporate automation into their work were taken and processed through Mac OSX's built-in auto-summary function. The pages show text summarized at decreasing percentages, finally distilled into a serendipitously apt statement for all the artists works' represented.

Like much of Bacher's practice, these works, as well as those on view on the fourth floor May 10—June 3, use readymades in unexpected ways to pose questions-but those questions remain inscrutable, and no answers are offered."